Miss America And The Greatest Quarterback On Planet Earth Are From The Same High School In North Dakota

2018 Miss America Competition - Show

AP – Miss North Dakota, a 23-year-old who said President Donald Trump was wrong to pull the United States out of the Paris climate accord, was named Miss America 2018 Sunday night in Atlantic City…An Ivy League graduate from Brown University who is headed to law school, Mund went to high school with Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz.

“I said, ‘If Carson Wentz can do it, Miss North Dakota Cara Mund can become Miss America,'” she said after winning the title. She is the first contestant from her state to win the Miss America crown.

What a Sunday for Bismark, North Dakota. Think about all the dipshits you went to high school with. You probably have a bunch of people currently working in sales. Maybe a few who strayed off the beaten path because they were more “entrepreneurial” and are now heavily involved with a ponzi scheme which they are adamant about not being a ponzi scheme. Mix in the few characters who are still trying to re-live their glory days by buying the current high schoolers beer and you’ve pretty much got your entire graduating class covered. Meanwhile, Century High School in Bismark is home to 2018 Miss America Cara Mund and only the greatest quarterback who was ever born into existence, Carson Wentz.

So now that the first ever Miss America from North Dakota has been crowned, will Carson Wentz become the first ever Super Bowl winning quarterback from the state? Well it is nearly impossible to say no. Let’s just get into a little advanced stats real quick. Tom Brady, Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana and Troy Aikman are the top 4 quarterbacks in league history in terms of Super Bowl wins. Together, they have a total of 16 Super Bowl rings. In week 1 of the 2017 NFL season, Carson Wentz had more wins than all of them combined. The 4 best quarterbacks in Super Bowl history and Carson is already ahead of all of them to start the season. Is that good? You tell me.

The state of North Dakota is having a moment. This is probably the biggest year in the state’s history. I still don’t really understand what’s going on with the Dakota Access Pipeline but they seem to be in the news all the time for that. They have Miss America. And they have future Super Bowl winner Carson Wentz. I just wish the timing worked out a little better so they could have combined the two parades together.



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