Seattle Is One Step Closer To Getting An NHL Team, Is Building A $600 Million Arena


Seattle – Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and the Oak View Group (OVG) have a formal agreement to build a $600 million privately financed arena at Seattle Center, with tens of millions more in transportation mitigation.

The deal calls for construction to begin next year and be complete by 2020…Seattle City Budget Director Ben Noble says he’s confident OVG has the financial backing to carry it out. In fact, Leiweke said potential NHL franchise investor, UW grad and Billionaire David Bonderman “has put money into the building.” Bonderman has personally met with council members and has been spotted at Seattle City Hall recently.

A wise man once said, “I think billionaires should have to build their own fucking stadiums”. Now I don’t necessarily agree with that colorful language. I think it is in poor taste and intended specifically for shock value. But the meaning behind the phrase? Well I can get down with that. If you’re rich enough to own a professional sports team then don’t get the city to pay for your fancy shmancy new arena that you charge fans hundreds of dollars to get into and then charge them $12 for a Bud Light once they’re already inside. Build your own fudging stadium and then we’ll talk.

As it turns out, billionaire hipsters in Seattle also agree as the Oak View Group is building a new arena in Seattle which will almost certainly host an NHL franchise at some point or another. Do I think it will be another expansion team? Ehhh probably not. Having 31 teams currently is definitely fucky. Not a big fan of odd numbers in general. Hell, I don’t even stop at an odd number when I’m turning up the volume on my tv. But I think it’s more likely that a current team relocates to Seattle. Perhaps a team that currently has no idea what the future holds in terms of their home arena (cough, cough, New York Islanders, cough, cough). Poor John Tavares. Seattle doesn’t even have a team yet and they already have an arena in place for 2020. Meanwhile, he’s the franchise player for a team that might end up just having to play 82 road games that season unless he signs somewhere else next summer.

Either way, I’m already looking forward to hating the shit out. of the Seattle fans. They’re insufferable for Seahawks games. Insufferable for Seattle Sounders games. I can only imagine how annoying they’ll be about their hockey team. Congrats on screaming super loud, guys. Best fans on the planet.



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