If Snoop Dogg Is Starting Up A Hockey Team Then Count Me The Heck In


Unfortunately I accidentally missed today’s episode of First Take. My promise to all of you is that it will never happen again. The good news is the dedicated Stoolies out there in the world wouldn’t let Snoop Dogg wearing a “Snoop Dogg Hockey Club” hat while on air discussing week 1 of the NFL season go unnoticed by me. So the obvious question? Just what exactly is the Snoop Dogg Hockey Club?

As we all know by now, Snoop is a huge hockey guy. He performed at the All Star Game this year in LA. And has been scene rocking hockey sweaters on countless occasions.

GTY 632946350 E SPO HKO HKN CEL USA CA snoop-subban




This is a Mitch Marner London Knights jersey. He was wearing it before Marner even made his debut with the Maple Leafs. Think about that. Snoop is more locked in to the hockey scene than most die hard fans.



Fucking Reemer. What a goob.

But obviously Snoop is a huge Hockey Guy. Is he starting up his own team? Is he starting up his own gear line? I need answers and I need them now. Snoop Dogg HC is something that I need to get in on the ground floor of. At the very least, I need that hat in my life. But I think there’s definitely something bigger here. Snoop Dogg wouldn’t wear that hat on air just for shits and giggles. Maybe this will be the 32nd team the NHL is looking for.


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