Shea Weber Is Faster Than A Horse So I Guess Montreal Officially Won That Trade

Boy do I feel like a real jabroni right now. Pardon me while I go back and delete all of my former takes regarding the Subban/Weber trade. Turns out I was widely wrong. So what if the Predators made it to the Stanley Cup Final for the first time in franchise history while Marc Bergevin continues to treat his job like a video game? Somebody do me a favor real quick and point me to the time that PK Subban once beat a horse in a race for some bizarre McDonald’s commercial. Oh yeah, that’s right. You can’t because it has never even one time happened. But Shea Daddy Web Bomb? Buddy over here just smoked that horse after crushing a giant cheeseburger. You can’t put a price on that speed. Even if the price is $7.85M for the next 9 years for a 32-year-old.

Sidenote: Been seeing some Canadiens rocking the white ear loops this summer during promotional shoots. Weber has them on in this commercial. Galchenyuk had them during this Bauer shoot with Eichel and Larkin.

Really hope that’s an actual look for them this season. I’m a big white ear loop guy to begin with. Think they make every helmet look better. But especially the royal blue Canadiens’ home buckets. Can’t believe its taken them this long to make the switch.

P.S. – Here’s some behind the scenes look at the commercial. Just to make sure everybody knows this isn’t some Michael Phelps vs a shark bullshit. This was real life Shea Weber vs a real life horse. Meanwhile, McDonald’s commercials in America are trying to get us to eat fucking salads.



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