The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly From The Eagles Week 1 Spanking Of The Redskins

30-17. 1-0. 1st place in the NFC East. And here. We. Go.


Christ Of A Ginger:

Carson Wentz is indeed a, no, THE Lord And Savior. Statistically he was better than fine: 26/39, 309 yards, 2 TD’s with 1 INT that was tipped at the line of scrimmage. But when I think of big time plays by an Eagles QB, I think of McNabb’s 60-second drop back vs the Cowboys or Cunningham avoiding a sack in his own endzone and firing a BOMB to Fred Barnett. Career defining plays by the greatest playmakers in franchise history. Wentz is already making these kinds of memorable plays.

Yes, his aggressiveness and refusal to go down might get him smashed into 20 pieces one day. But plays like these just make everyone better. Yesterday even brought back the receiver formerly known as The Nigerian Nitrous and Ertz caught 8 passes on 8 targets.

Speaking of Ertz – THIS:

That’s some seriously shocking shit from someone who has been perceived as not fulfilling his potential yet.

The Refs:

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 10.04.12 AM

I love the rigged NFL! Sure, Kirk Cousins had a hefty task ahead of him for a game winning TD drive. But props to the stripes for putting it in the books early. I don’t care what explanation the NFL gave for this “Fumble”. He’s literally passing the ball. Oh, well!

Degenerate Marriage Material:

Again, shocker.


The Running Game(?): Maybe? I wouldn’t call it bad, per say, just nonexistent. 64 yards at 3.8 a pop ain’t gonna get it done in the long run.

The Redskins:

Look, winning 30-17 over a Division rival on the road is a good. It’s better than good. It’s spectacular. But let’s not stroke ourselves dry here. Washington looks like a pretty piss poor team. That’s not taking ANYTHING away from the Eagles and their performance. They definitely earned the victory. But Kirk Cousins did not look like the franchise QB he wants to be paid to be. Pryor was dropping 1st down passes. Crowder/Reed were non-factors. Even their defense was quite uninspiring. They might not be as bad as they played, but they definitely didn’t look good yesterday. And the Birds took advantage of said shittiness.



Gotta wrap up, folks. Gotta wrap up.


Awesome. That was an average CB situation we had there once. Back to reality.

UPDATE: Actually Awesome!

Doug Being Doug:

Up 7-0. Wentz is firing downfield on all cylinders. Perfect time to drive down and step on the throat early. Annnnnnddddd whadya do? Even on the goalline he got a little cute with two passes in a row, which included the Blount 1-yard-TD:

Sure, it worked out. But last season Blount was one, if not the best short yardage RB in the game. Don’t get fucking cute. Just ask Pete Carroll how it works out when you decide to pass on the goalline when your bruiser of a runner sits in the backfield with his dick in his hand.

This Thing:

Love the passion, even if it is straight out of Blade 2.

And that’s all she wrote. We got a big one next week, boyos. A la beating Pittsburgh at home to improve to 3-0 last season, next Sunday at Arrowhead vs Big Red and the Chiefs will give us a better idea of if the Eagles are who we thought the were. Granted, whipping up on the Steelers proved to be a cocktease and a half en route to a 7-9 record (really 6-9 as I refuse to count a Week 17 victory over the Cowboys backups as a real win), but still. Game numero dos will be a test of might. Till then, relish in this Divisional win on the road. 1-0 and 1st place, baby. Go Birds.

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