Keith Olbermann Tweets That After 27 Years Eminem Has Finally Made Him A Rap Fan – Actual Rap Fans Are Unhappy!




I practically dove under my desk and covered my head like an old-timey nuclear bomb drill when I saw Olbermann drop this tweet.  A white guy saying a white rapper has turned him into a rap fan after 27 years – finally, SOMEONE addressed politics in hip hop!  Knew once Black Twitter got a hold of that one it was all over for you boy Olbermann.









And on and on it went.

I get it, but like…come on.  He’s an old white dude.  He’s trying to praise Eminem for taking a strong stance, not disparage anyone else.  He’s on your side and instead he gets shit on for not listening to To Pimp A Butterfly from start to finish.  [Blue shouting face emoji]: not everything has to be a damn fight!

Luckily Olbermann sucks so we don’t have to really care.



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