Master P Is Starting A Mixed Gender Professional Basketball League

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Source –  Master P has just been named the president of a brand new professional basketball league — for both men and women — and says his first order of business is signing LaVar Ball. The leader of the No Limit Army was out in NYC — where he was officially announced as head of the GMGB, Global Mixed Gender Basketball. 

Master P says he’s going after real deal talent — from Lisa Leslie to Paul Pierce … but says the big target right now is LaVar. “I want to get LaVar Ball into the league. I want to see how good he really is.”

There’s more … P says he also wants to lock down Shaq and get them to settle their beef on the court once and for all. And yeah, P’s dead serious about this … explaining, “It’s about giving women a chance to play against men on a professional level.”

I’m all in on the GMGB. I’m all in on anything Master P does. He’s the southern, less refined Diddy. A poor-man’s Jay Z- if you consider $350 million poor. Considering he hasn’t put a single out in ten years, I wasn’t expecting him to get back in the game with another Lay Low. Jay-Z said it best, “ballers wanna be rappers and rappers wanna be ballers.” Besides, it worked for Ice Cube, the Big 3 was a hit. I’m not sure if hiring retired athletes to play a sport they purposely gave up  is a sustainable business model, but who cares. It makes great TV.

That said, I think all the Lavar Ball talk is burying the lead. He’d never agree to the public beating Shaq would put on him. The real story is men and women playing together. I would pay serious money to watch a WNBA player go up against an NBA guy. I’d pay serious money to watch any female go up against any male at any level. At the risk of sounding misogynistic; it’s a great opportunity for female athletes. A chance to shut the haters up. Prove to the world that dudes who claim athletic superiority based solely on gender are wrong. I’m guilty of it. I’ve dropped an “I could smoke any WNBA player in the league” before. Even though I know I’d get embarrassed.

Regardless, I hope it works out for Master P. He should set his sights a little lower though. Something tells me Shaw and Paul Pierce are going to be a hard no.


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