My Company, Uncle Martian, Has Been Convicted of Trademark Infringement by Under Amour. Is It Time to Jump Ship?

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(Sole Collector) “A Chinese court has ruled in favor of Under Armour in the brand’s case against Uncle Martian, a bizarrely named company that emerged last year with logos and sneaker designs ripped directly from Under Armour. Per the Baltimore-based sportswear company’s law firm, the People’s Higher Court of Fujian Province ordered Uncle Martian to stop using the contested trademarks on June 19, 2017.

The law firm, Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP, issued a press release on the ruling on Thursday that also mentions that Uncle Martian has been ordered to “destroy all infringing products, pay approximately $300,000 in damages, and publish a statement to ‘eliminate the adverse effect of Uncle Martian’s infringement.'”

Under Armour filed the $15 million suit against Uncle Martian in June 2016 and had an injunction in its favor issued in November. Its battle may not be totally over just yet; though—the Uncle Martian team has appealed the case.”

So after Under Armour tried to black ball me from Tom Brady’s China tour I announced that I would be taking my talents to Uncle Martian, the Chinese knock-off version of Under Armour.

Unfortunately, my first day on the job as their official “brand ambassador” I learned that it was impossible to find their clothes or shoes anywhere because they were being sued by Under Armour to the tune of 15 million. A lesser man would have jumped ship right then and there but not me. When you believe in a brand as original and inspiring as Uncle Martian you don’t just turn your back on them as soon as things get hairy. Plus, when Michael Jordan tried suing a Chinese company called Qiaodan(“Jordan” in Chinese) that put the number 23 and a knock-off Air Jordan logo on all their clothes he actually lost the first time.



Unfortunately, it looks like Uncle Martian wasn’t so lucky. I’d like to think the damage has already been done tho. The people have gotten a taste of the Martian and they want some more of that extra-terrestrial swagger.  Having us publish a statement to ‘eliminate the adverse effect of Uncle Martian’s infringement’  isn’t going to magically fix Under Armour’s plummeting stock price. Any by the looks of it, this battle is far from over.

the Uncle Martian team has appealed the case.”


But mark my words, if they lose in appeals court I’m immediately pulling a  Theon Greyjoy up in this bitch.

A good captain always knows when to jump off a burning boat. I’m in enough legal danger just working for Barstool Sports in China, don’t need to be the face of Fugazi Brands in the Orient. #staysupernatural tho

P.S. I will ALWAYS vouch for Fake Yeezys tho. Best purchase of my life.

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