Somebody Please Check On Jim Carrey



My initial thought – and it’s my initial thought any time I see an even remotely interesting video on the internet, that’s the kind of jaded online cynicism I’ve built up through all these years – was that Jim Carrey was promoting a new movie.  And that the E! woman was in on it of course.  A few more hours into Fashion Week and a teaser trailer would leak out of Jim Carrey going the Daniel Day Lewis method acting route to play a former comedy genius who has lost all grip on reality.

And that could all still be true, but I think right now I’m leaning towards the “lost all grip on reality” without the movie part.  Just Jim Carrey slowly descending into madness.   Rambling on and on like a college kid who just tried acid for the first time and had a freshman into to Philosophy class earlier that afternoon.


*Reads about existentialism once*


Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 8.09.30 AM


“I don’t believe in personalities. I don’t believe that you exist. But there’s a wonderful fragrance in the air. I believe we’re a field of energy dancing for itself”


Pass me some of that good shit.




Carrey’s always been in the “Tom Cruise” category for me – I’ll do whatever it takes to separate their real life human being personas with their movies.   Anti-vaxxer who allegedly gave his suicidal girlfriend STDs makes that pretty hard to do, admittedly.

This catalogue though…


Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 8.23.49 AM Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 8.24.40 AM


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