World Superstar Sergio Dipp Follows Up His Internet-Breaking TV Appearance With An Apology and A Reflection On 9/11



Last night the world was introduced to a superstar.  An instant legend.   Nobody and I mean nobody has ever captured the attention of a nation so quickly, so ferociously as Sergio Dipp during Monday Night Football:



“Who the hell is this guy?”  It’s Sergio Dipp.  Say his name.   The man who just hijacked an entire broadcast.  I don’t even remember who was playing last night?  I think Denver and somebody?  I don’t know, all I can remember is some flashes of orange – my entire focus was on one man and one man only.



How was he gonna follow up?  Was ESPN going to tease his next appearance then roll him out to shatter TV ratings?  Was he going to realize his value and strike out on his own and start dropping random electric factory sideline clips?


Well, he went a more serious route.




I thought it was nice.  And misplaced.  What in the world are you apologizing for dude?  Putting on TOO good a show?   Fuck the haters.  You had the time. Of. Your.  life.


KFC wasn’t a fan.











Either way, we all know how this story will end.  Big Cat summed it up best:


Some Buzzfeed lists, a few quizzes, an unearthed post from the Dark Web of Sergio requesting homosexual clown snuff films, then it’s over.  You’ll find yourself at the bar drinking whiskies at 1 in the afternoon with Ken Bone and that guy who got off the bus and took selfies at the Oscars talking about the good old days on the internet.  Save Sergio a seat.


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