Ravens-Bengals “Joe Flacco Is BACK And Ready To Roll” Live Blog


I soapboxed allll preseason about how I wasn’t worried about Joe Flacco and his injured back. Waxed poetic about how he’s a warrior and a gamer and how only a shredded knee has been able to take him off the field in the past. But if we’re in the trust tree, there were some moments of slight doubt in the back of my brain. The mystery and lack of updates can lead a man to wonder whether or not he’s just trying to convince himself of something that isn’t true. And full disclosure, coming into today I still had some small doubts that Joe could come out today and be himself.

Well all of that changed the moment I saw Joe swaggin his way into Paul Brown Stadium this morning. Look at how fly the man looks. THAT’S MY QB!!! You don’t wear a suit and compose yourself in that manner if you’re on your way to the trainer’s table. Fuck naw. That’s the look of a man who’s ready to send a message not just to the Cincinnati Bengals, not just the AFC North, but the NFL as a whole. Fuck the X’s and O’s, we don’t need them today. I’ve seen all I need to see. Ravens roll today 27-13 on their way to an 11-5 AFC North title season.


People forget that.

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