Stefon Diggs Continues To Be The Greatest

I’ve always been the biggest Stefon Diggs fan in the world. Ever since he stepped on the field as a freshman at Maryland, you could just tell he was special. He dropped to the 5th round in the draft because of a few reasons- he had a couple┬áminor injuries in college, and the fact he had a linebacker throwing the ball to him (Maryland lost their first 4 QBs on the depth chart, and ended up starting a linebacker…not great!). But even though he was a late round pick, he excelled as a rookie two seasons ago, racking up 52 catches for 720 yards, and then again last season, going for 84/903. And now…look out. I’ve been blogging about him since day 1 and it’s safe to say he’s┬áthe real deal Ally McBeal. And even better, he makes football actually fun to watch, which is hard to come by these days.

I mean this catch is unreal. He was being held by seemingly both arms, and he still somehow made the catch last second:

Flashback to this catch from last year:


Was it the cleats tonight that made the difference?

Not counting it out. But even without them, Stefon Diggs is a force and here to stay. SKOL.



PS: This is a blog I wrote 2 years ago. Time certainly is a flat circle.


PS: This throw by Bradford was so nasty. I still can’t figure out how he put it there.



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