Thirsty Ass Mia Khalifa Has Been Sliding Into Gilbert Arenas’ DMs To No Avail

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 3.05.37 PM


Well, well, well, Mia Khalifa, how the turntables. The thing about Mia is she is deeeeep in the DM game. Like, I’m pretty sure her job right now is to DM athletes and receive DMs and decide which ones to blow up. Besides her affinity for sucking dick on camera, she is most known for blowing athletes up for DM’ing her trying to bang her. I never really have understood why she does that- ummm, Earth to Matilda, of course athletes are trying to bang you, remember the whole “sucking dick on camera” thing I wrote about just one sentence ago?

But now the shoe is on the other foot. First she struck out with Baker Mayfield who even gave her the ol’ Twitter block for her problems. And now Gilbert Arenas is blowing up her spot. She didn’t just send 1 DM. Or 2 DMs. Or 3 DMs. She sent 4 DMs! Imagine if it was the opposite and it was Gil blowing her up- she’d have some long winded caption about how sad it is that old ass Gilbert Areanas is sliding around her DMs and all that jazz. Can’t have it both ways, my girl.

But I will say this- I don’t think she cares about getting her spot blown up. It’s all in the game for her. The DM game giveth, and the DM game taketh. This is what she thrives off of. Again, I don’t really understand she tries to shames dudes for sliding in her DMs, because clearly everyone does it, apparently even the shamer herself.

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