Dude’s Driver Snaps At The World Long Drive Championship And Hits A Guy In The Crowd


Listen, I’m glad that guy is okay. That’s good news. It looked like the railing took the brunt of the hit and that’s what railings are supposed to do. Big shout out to that ruling for doing its job. Me and Riggs went to the World Long Drive Championship last year and that could’ve been us. With all that said, a dude getting impaled by a broken driver at the WLD Championship would’ve made huge headlines for the event. It’s a great event and I want more people to know about it. Now you might be saying that a guy getting impaled by a golf club isn’t the kind of publicity you want for an event but you’d be wrong. The WLD isn’t like your average golf event. It’s a boozy, raucous event where getting impaled by a golf club would only add to the events electricity. And no publicity is bad publicity. People say that a lot so it’s probably true.


TBT (on a Wednesday)


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