Guy Goes to The Hospital With A Tumbler Glass Stuck Up His Ass But Refuses To Tell Doctors How It Got There

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Daily Mail- A man from southern China had to be rushed to a hospital after having a tumbler glass stuck in his rear, according to reports. The container, measuring seven centimetre (2.8 inches) in diameter, had been trapped inside the body of the 33-year-old patient, known by an alias Xiao Zhang, for two days.  Doctor performed an abdominal operation on Xiao Zhang in order to remove the glassware, which had broken while being lodged inside the man’s rectum. According to Kan Kan News, Xiao Zhang arrived at the emergency department of Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat Sen University in Guangzhou at 2am on August 31. Xiao Zhang told the doctors that he was unable to retrieve the glass. ‘It has been stuck in there for two days and it is not coming out. It (the anus) is swelling so much and causing me pain,’ said Xiao Zhang. The patient, said to be married and have children, refused to tell the doctors how the tumbler glass ended up in his rear.



No sir. I’m sorry. That’s completely unacceptable. And I’m not talking about the part where he has a glass stuck up his ass. That’s whatever. I refuse to judge a person for that. What consenting adults do behind closed doors is their business and their business alone. The part that’s unacceptable is the guy refusing to tell the doctors how the tumbler glass got up there. That’s bullshit and, if I’m the doctors or surgeons in that scenario, I refuse to remove the tumbler glass until I get the full story of exactly how it got there. I’d stand there watching him wince in pain until he spilled the beans. See how long he lasts when you give him that ultimatum. What consenting adults do behind closed doors becomes everyone else’s business when you walk out from behind those closed doors and show up to the hospital with someone lodged up your butthole. My guess is that he’s married and it happened with a prostitute but he has to tell us that. Tell us or that tumbler glass stays in his butt forever. Hospital policy.

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