An Ode To AIM – The Podfathers

As we’ve said in the past, The Podfathers is just as much about growing up as kids as it is about raising kids. And there is no topic that Chaps and I are more in tune with than growing up during the AIM Era. Those chat rooms full of thirsty A/S/L droppers and fake lesbians helped spawn the minds of the two sick fucks you read and listen to on this here website. The delicate teenage minds of Blakefan and Whatever Bible Verse Screename Weirdo Preacher Chaps Chose didn’t stand a chance hanging out in that virtual world of squalor and filth. I was out cybersexing my little dick off while Chaps was planting seeds for girls he had no intention in harvesting. This obviously led us down a path of talking about masturbation habits and how we disposed of the poison that came out of our bodies. Yeah, things got weird. We also discussed what life is going to be like for LaMelo Ball now that he’s being home schooled and what are some dad things we yell at the TV now that we are old and washed.

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