Giants Host Chargers In Week 5 Toilet Bowl


This could be it. This could be the weekend that turns a respected Giants franchise into a laughing stock. We’re on the cusp of a dumpster fire if Big Blue don’t come out on top of the battle between these 0-4 squads. If Philip Rivers leads the hapless Chargers across the country to put the final nail in the season of the organization that made him part of one of the biggest draft day trades ever – well, get your popcorn ready for another level of finger-pointing, disarray & general embarrassment that’s ramped up every week since the Boat Boyz.

Forget the X’s & O’s. This is a game the G-Men simply can’t lose regardless of injuries they’ll be dealing with in the trenches. There’s questions galore about the future of this team – and while a win over LA won’t answer them for the positive, a loss will surely fuel the negative fire for the final 12 weeks of misery. Does our quarterback have it anymore? Did our offensive dynamo of a head coach EVER have it? Will our freakishly talented receiver ever truly be great or end up a “me first” distraction for however long he stays here?

A trip to Denver is next followed by a visit from the Seahawks. Fuck up this afternoon in what’s most likely the easiest date on their calendar and there’s a good chance of an 0-7 record going into their bye week. I know it’s probably better to flip the script at this point & pull for an all-out tank job. Saquon Barkley would look real good in blue. I just need a break from the aggravation & beating up on the punching bag Chargers is the only way I’m gonna get it.

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