I Love Jim Mora Telling A News Anchor That He Is Full Of Shit On Live TV

I forgot how much I love having Jim Mora in my life until I saw this video. In this world full of outrage and carefully crafted cliches, it’s kinda nice to have a guy that shoots right from the hip on live TV. Granted Fletcher Mackel may not agree, since he went into Full Fletcher Mode when Mora dropped the S-bomb and looked like a teenage girl whose best friend was about to spill the beans about her crush to her crush.



“JIMMMM, STOPPPPP!!!!”. Such a Fletcher move.

Meanwhile Sharief Ishaq apparently waited his whole life for that moment.


The best part about all this is that Mora could have recited the entire Aristocrats joke live on TV and nobody other than Fletcher would have given a shit. You know why? Because the entire nation was completely caught up in Sergiomania. Plus anything should be allowed on New Orleans broadcasts. If the city is pretty much lawless, so should its local channels. Curse words, mediumcore porn, weird voodoo rituals that would probably give kids nightmares would all be allowed on basic cable in my New Orleans. And you know everyone at that news station goes to the French Quarter after work to blow off some steam and they probably call each other every name in the book like Costanza did with the Astros front office.

Mora just brought a little bit of French Quarter Talk to the broadcast. And what’s the FCC going to do anyway? Fine Jim Mora? Fuck that shit. They aren’t going to do diddly poo because you can’t fine a guy whose two greatest moments were his legendary rants.

The “Diddly Poo” Saints rant is criminally underrated because the Playoffs?!? rant is a Mount Rushmore rant

Also is it just me or is Jim Mora aging backwards like Benjamin Button? He looks older in that Saints rant from 1995 than he does 22 years later. Or maybe he’s like Sparky Anderson where he looked old as shit so early in life that he just never appears to age. Regardless, I’m happy he’s looking good and letting shit fly on live TV.




Well I’ll be damned, that’s him right? A few years, pounds, and hard nights on Bourbon Street later at least. This Mora video ain’t nothing for Scotty Too Hotty, who played a role in legitimately the greatest video in internet history. In fact, there is a case to be made that Scott is the Forrest Gump of viral videos. Just sitting in the background as internet history plays out around him. Seeing that Scott has moved up from Mobile to New Orleans truly made my day.

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