Big Cat And YP Got In Quite The Tussle During Week 2 Of The Barstool Video Game Franchise League

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Video game arguments. A tale as old as time. You could be playing with or against strangers, friends, family, royalty, clergy. It doesn’t matter. There will be (basically) blood, no matter what. And the game between Young Pageviews vs. El Gato Grande was no different. Was YP in the right of taking people’s advice that forced the emergence of “Trig Cat”? Or was Big Cat correct about it being a man’s game of honor? You can decide for yourself, as the battles take place below.

Big Cat (Falcons) vs. YP (Packers) – GAME OF THE WEEK

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Other head’s up games in Week 2:

Smitty (Colts) vs. Trent (Cardinals) – LOTTA High School Football Glory Days Talk W/ A Special Guest Appearance From Rude Jude

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Devlin (Bills) vs. Riggs (Panthers)

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Glenny (Ravens) vs. PFT (Browns):

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Rone (Eagles) vs. Coley (Chiefs), Hubbs (Cowboys) vs. Gay Pat (Broncos), Robbie Fox (Skins) vs. CPU (LAR), Francis (Pitt) vs. CPU (Browns), Tex (Raiders) vs. Brett (Jets): TBD

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Records Through Week 2

Clem (Jax): 2-0
Smitty (Colts): 1-1
Coley (Chiefs): 1-1
Big Cat (Atl: 1-1
PFT: (Browns): 0-2
Hank (Bears): 0-1
Riggs (Car): 1-1
Trent (Ari): 1-1
Nate (Who has already said he’s in then immediately out no less than 400 times): Dead To Me
Robbie Fox (Skins): 0-2
Pres (If/when he pleases):
Rone (Eagles): 1-1
Caleb (Bucs): N/A
Hubbs (Cowboys): 2-0
Glenny (Ravens): 1-1
Devlin (Bills): 2-0
Bretto (Jets): 0-2
Frankie Borelli (Sea): 0-1
Francis (Pitt) 2-0
YP (Packers): 2-0
Gay Pat (Broncos): 0-2
Tex (Raiders): 2-0

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