Do Rugby Referees Need Enforcers?

Australia – A Newcastle rugby player has been banned for 10 years for this brutal hit on a referee who had just sent him off.

Maitland’s Mark Meafua received the ban for striking referee Niklas Gaal during the Newcastle and Hunter Rugby Union under-19s grand final last weekend, reports the Newcastle Herald…Meafua was arrested at his home in Rutherford on Saturday night and charged with common assault. He will face Maitland Local Court on October 4.


That’s assault, brotha. And no. That’s not quoting Billy Madison. That is quite literally assault. One in which mate over here was arrested for at home after the game.

Usually I tend to side with the player in any sort of player/referee altercation. It’s just in my nature to hate refs since they never do anything but screw my favorite teams over. With that being said… not quite sure how anybody could defend this move. Hell, even his own teammates had no idea how to react here. The facial expressions say it all. Just a classic case of “whom’s mans is this?”.

So now the question needs to be asked. Do rugby refs need enforcers? I’d say the answer for the majority of them would be no. All rugby players are absolute animals and I feel like if you’re a rugby ref, it’s because you used to play. Therefore you, yourself, are still an animal and can handle yourself out there on the pitch. If somebody throat punches you out of nowhere like this, you just eat it and serve up another dose of red cards. But this particular ref? Well he probably shouldn’t have been out there in the first place. Kid looks like a total hall monitor. I’m not victim blaming here. Just saying that he looks like he’s 16 and is clearly outmatched. Whoever the other refs were at this game should be ashamed of themselves for having him be the one to give the red card. Should have seen this situation coming a mile away.

But yeah. A red card, an arrest, and a 10-year ban. Pretty good way to boost your resume for the Dallas Cowboys.

h/t BarDown


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